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Music video “Side by Side” out – digital album release delayed

Damn – we’re desperately waiting for the digital release of „Side by Side“ … Are you waiting as well? Seems like our distributor can’t get the album transferred in time for the set release date. Means it can still take anything form hours to days until the album is available, depending on the streaming platform. We’ll keep you up to date! For the meantime, we decided to move up the release of our music video for the title track „Side by […]

Listen to 2 songs from our upcoming album!

“Side by Side” will soon be available – here on our website, you can already listen to 2 full songs from the album! Enjoy “Circus of Fools” as well as the title track “Side by Side” 🙂

Teaser video for upcoming studio album “Side by Side”!

We’re proud and happy to announce that our first long player “Side by Side” will soon be released! Here’s a video teaser with a short pre-listen of each song, so you know what you’re waiting for 😉 Stay tuned for ten awesome SCRAWN songs, the CD version additionally featuring our all-time live classic “Whiskey Bar” as bonus Track 🙂 Digital Release on Spotify, iTunes / Apple Music, Amazon Music etc. will be on February 19th. The CD will be out […]

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Metal and Rock’n’Roll combined? Does that work? You bet! Just listen to SCRAWN, who play, live and breathe Metal’n’Roll! Heavy riffs and fast neck breakers blend perfectly with Rock’n’Roll groove, creating a whole new level of energy…

Once started as a side project, SCRAWN became a fully-fledged band in 2015. They started writing unique songs and arrangements beyond stylistic boundaries, creating their very own sound. SCRAWN’s Metal’n’Roll is bound to make you want more – and party harder!

SCRAWN, that’s Daniel on the microphone, Mike on guitar, Ecki playing the upright bass and Mik beating the hell out of those drums! Stay tuned for tour dates coming soon!

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Scrawn: "Side by Side" (Official Music Video)

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